Beautiful Beginnings Blog

    CollageGiven that COVID-19 (corona virus) is present in our community, we are committed to the safety of our clients and their families.

    At this time, there is a continually changing environment at the many hospitals in Southern California.  A trained and certified doula is an essential part of your birth and postpartum care team. Along with providing physical and informational support, your doula’s support of your emotional well-being is considered essential and important.

    The doulas at Beautiful Beginnings  are committed to your health and safety and are following the same screening and actions of staff, for those times they are allowed into the hospital. For support in the hospital and at home, Birth and Postpartum doulas must be free of fever and any respiratory symptoms 24 hours before providing support.

    Many of our doulas are offering their clients additional options for telephone and virtual support for non-essential visits. Please plan with your doula how you will navigate your essential and non-essential visits while the COVID-19 virus is active in our community so that both of you are confident and comfortable.

    We know having a baby in such stressful times is particularly difficult. Our doulas are committed to providing the very best care for your family. Any concerns are gratefully received by your doula at their contact information and by our leadership in Beautiful Beginnings.