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    As we end this challenging year, I am encouraged by the many support services and specialties that our doulas offer to the public. Doulas are known for having a doula heart-which means that we provide our services with the intention of meeting the individual needs of our clientele, not just their birthing needs, but also whole family wellness, personal desires and support of their choices.  

    Our un-biased listening skills allows us to ‘hear’ what might be in their heart or in their deepest desires.  Our support goes beyond the birth process.  Our postpartum doulas guide the parents in their new role, which means they do not take over the parent’s role, but rather empower them to learn all about their baby’s special personality and needs.There are many additional services, beyond doula specific work, that our doulas provide as well.  Being a resource site in the community is important to our community, so here are specialties from many of our amazing doulas!

    Here are several beautiful beginnings doulas and the support services they offer:

    Physical Therapist with specialty in Pelvic Floor recovery and health:  Alison Zebron

    Placenta Encapsulation: Nova Conte, Leilani Songer

    Yoga classes for pre and postnatal: Sofie Bilcher, Laura Baker

    Hypnobaby doulas: Jenn Monaghan, Dara deSoto

    Childbirth educators: Anissa Cornelius, Diana Kay, Stacey Scarborough

    Midwife: Tamara Hobbs

    Spanish speaking doulas: Melanie Baeaz-McCray, Diana Kay, Beth Machado

    Japanese speaking postpartum doula: Ah-Ling thayer

    Cranial Sacral Therapy: Leilani Songer

    Child Development: Tracy Fengler, Victoria Bentley

    Rebozo certified: Amy Love-Osgood

    PPMD trained: Loretta Sandridge, Ah-Ling Thayer, Nova Conte, Maya Fishman

    Sleep guidance: Audrey Bogorad, Tracy Fengler

    Militar support/discount: Patti Fisher, Miriam White, Ginger Armstrong

    Trainers: Stacey Scarborough, Diana Kay

    Check out our website:, our Facebook and Instagram, to find a doula for your needs!