Meet Birth Doulas

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    Philosophy: “When a woman feels well-cared for, informed, and listened to, along with plenty of emotional, educational and non-stop physical/comfort support, she is calmer, more in control, and empowered as she works with her body to bring her baby into the world. It’s an honor to provide that for the women I serve.”

    Tamara’s education, training & experience make her comfortable with not only traditional childbirth scenarios, but also unique birthing situations such as teenage pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, anticipated health concerns and cesarean births. Prenatal planning is often needed and her services include working together from the beginning of pregnancy.

    During labor and birth, Tamara’s calming, focused approach keeps everyone “in the moment,” utilizing proven techniques to help ease the baby down, while delivering effective comfort measures continually throughout labor.

    Tamara specializes in ensuring birth partners can share in the birth experience at a more comfortable level, with less partner fatigue, allowing them to participate at whatever level they choose. They don’t do this every day and they need support as well. They may need to get a bite to eat, catch a nap, or even keep family and friends updated. Maybe they just need to stretch their legs and grab a cup of coffee and take a little break. But the laboring woman needs constant support, someone who can help her stay focused, who never leaves her, regardless of the length of her labor. She needs someone who knows what techniques to utilize to help reduce pain during specific phases of labor, someone who is a labor & delivery professional who is seen as part of the team, who knows how to bridge the gap, hold that sacred space, and help her focus on bringing her baby into the world.

    Tamara’s approach optimizes support throughout labor and delivery, creating a more satisfying birth experience for all involved.

    And as a lactation educator, she is there to help with first latch, and available for ongoing breastfeeding support as well as postpartum.

    Contact Information:
    (858) 254-8791
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