Meet Birth Doulas

    Amy Love Osgood

    I had the pleasure of growing up with a mother who spoke openly and frequently about the joys of childbearing.  This greatly impacted my own excitement for becoming a mother and led me to holistic pregnancy and childbirth resources that shaped my journey.  I loved what I learned, found my tribe, felt connected to the baby I carried, and leapt into childbirth with eagerness. I didn't realize the significant effect my positive and empowering transition to motherhood would have on my confidence in the first few weeks with my baby. It made all the difference for the birth of our family and the journey together.  Every woman should have the opportunity to discover her strength, trust her body, and celebrate it's amazing abilities. This is why I plunged into birth work! It is a joy to share my trust in this normal and beautiful process with mothers on their own unique journeys. Each baby has only one birth, and every mom can have a safe and satisfying labor when she feels well supported. In the postpartum period, I bring my extensive training as well as personal experience to help new moms succeed in breastfeeding. I walk with my clients into motherhood as long as they need encouragement and cheer leading.  As an added benefit, I provide a Moms & Doulas group for my clients which provides a place for moms to share their wisdom, trials, and triumphs with one another. It is a blessing to see families grow and thrive!


    Birth Doula- DONA Trained (2018), Certification (2019)

    Breastfeeding Guidelines for Doulas (2018)

    Birth Doula Continuing Education Series- Birth Education Center (2019)

    Rebozo Certified (2019)

    Spinning Babies Trained (2019)

    Massage for Doulas (Barefoot Birth 2019)

    Lactation Educator Certification (Evergreen Perinatal Education 2020)

    Virtual Doula Training (2020)


    I chose to have a natural, unmedicated birth and I’m not sure I could have done it without the help and support of Amy. She got to know both me and my partner and was very thorough in our prenatal visits to have all the information she needed to best understand my expectations and birth plan. My partner was terribly sick when I went into labor, and fortunately we had Amy as our doula for me to rely on through all of it. She is knowledgeable in a variety of pain management techniques and got me through the toughest parts of my 30 hour labor. She has continued to follow up with me postpartum and provided me with many resources for me to be successful in breastfeeding as well. She was absolutely vital to my birthing experience and I highly recommend her! 

    -Grace P.

    I met @abirthsogood during our birthing class and she left me with one of the most profound pieces of advice after our first conversation... “ Birth is not a performance.” Her energy lit up the room and her positivity was contagious! I didn’t know how much I needed her until the evening came for Madison to make her grand entrance. Amy made the call to go to the birthing center! She repeated mantras with me, prayed over me, and breathed with me while I tried not to deliver Madison in the car. She continued to keep my health, mentally and physically, at the forefront of my pre and postpartum experience. I am so grateful for her experience and spirit in the midst of the chaos! Happy #worlddoulaweek @abirthsogood ! She obviously comes highly recommended! 

    -Jen N.