Meet Birth Doulas

    Jennifer Monaghan

    Jennifer Monaghan has been attending births since 2010 and is a certified doula through DONA, Childbirth International and is a certified Hypno-Doula through Hypnobabies. She is also spinning babies certified and received her certification with Gail Tully in 2011.

    Jennifer is a wife & mother of three.  The birth of her second son, where she did not have a doula present, ignited her passion for birth work and opened her eyes to the importance of birth doula support.

    Jennifer has supported over 170 clients and has supported epidural births, unmedicated births, inductions and everything in-between. Her birth experience includes having attended hospital, home and birth center births, water births, high risk births, premature deliveries, VBACs (including a VBA3C), preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, stillbirths, “advanced maternal age”, teens, single women and LGBTQP Families.

     Is able to take 2-4 births per month

    Jennifer has experience with: 
    Home Birth
    Birth Centers
    Hospital Births
    Premature Births
    High Risk Birth
    Single women seeking support
    ”Advanced Maternal Age”
    Water Birth

    Jennifer’s Contact Information:
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    We would recommend Jenn in a heartbeat. She was with us when we delivered our stillborn baby girl in February 2019 – she helped us through an incredibly dark time not only during the labor and delivery stage, but also afterwards as we were grieving, looking for answers and thinking about another pregnancy. Jenn was one of the first people we told when we were pregnant again and she recently helped us bring our healthy baby boy into the world in January 2020. She had amazing suggestions for laboring positions to ease pain and exhaustion and was an incredible advocate for the birth experience my husband and I wanted when it came to communicating with our medical team. Jenn’s kind, expert and low-key presence helped to make my 30+ hour labor a (mostly) peaceful and comfortable time. Jenn also helped us to manage our visitors, communicating news to family members in the waiting room and allowing my husband and I precious time alone with our baby. She helped us with breastfeeding quickly after delivery which helped us get off to the right start on that front and had helpful tips when she visited us at home a few days after we were discharged. If you are looking for a doula – stop now and call Jenn!

    – Kimberly


    Even with the birthing class and all the readings we had done, we would not have had the ease of delivery that we did with our child if it hadn’t been for Jenn. She spent the time to meet with us beforehand to understand what our hopes were, educate us on what options we had during delivery, and made sure we knew that it was ultimately about what we needed. She made sure I knew she was available for any questions, concerns, or just needing to talk in the time before I went into labor. This especially meant a lot to me as I had had a loss prior to this successful pregnancy and my anxiety and fear were palpable. Jenn helped me through that.

    Most important, I felt that she was there for us and solely focused on what I needed and doing her best to get me there during the labor. The medical staff have their priorities – I was Jenn‘s. Her help with pain management was vital and made my husband and I feel taken care of and understood. She stayed with us until we were comfortable to start to get know our daughter and checked in on us afterwards just to see how things were going.

    I hope I will have the chance to work with Jenn in a few years when we hopefully have our second child. I could not recommend her more highly.

    – Laura Fox