Meet Birth Doulas

    Amy Love Osgood

    I was trained under DONA.  I am a certified Birth Doula through DONA.

    I also completed the training under UCSD Volunteer Doula Program, which I have been a part of since.  Specializing in cesarean section currently, at UCSD.

    Continuing Ed: Spinning babies, Breastfeeding classes online and attending the DONA conference. Virtual Doula Training.



    Birth Doula- DONA Trained (2016), Certification 

    UCSD Volunteer Doula Program

    Virtual Doula Training 


    Specializing In

    Cesarean section at UCSD

    Spinning babies

    Breastfeeding classes online


    Military families support

    Sibling support 

    Surrogates and intended parents

    Virtual and remote doula support


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    One of the kindest, sweetest and honest doula's out there. Patti was amazing from the very beginning. We have had 3 births with her and each one was a wonderful experience. She was calm and coached us every step of the way. Always letting us know the options, what to expect and best for mom/baby. We highly recommend her services to everyone even if not expecting yet. We see how important it is to have a sounding board with you during delivery. You and the baby will be in the best of hands possible. Give her a call when you are ready and congrats on your new family. Love the Brown's.

    - J&H Brown


    Wow, where to begin.. Patti is an amazing doula! I am so happy that I found her. I gave birth to my first son in December 2019, she was extremely attentive and caring. Patti was always available for me when I needed her, especially around the holidays when everyone is so busy. I met with Patti several times before giving birth and immediately felt comfortable with her because she has such a warm and caring personality. She was very supportive of my birth plan. When it was time to give birth she met me at the hospital and stayed with me the entire time (24 hours) she was extremely helpful! Patti was able to talk me through the pain, comfort me while my husband slept, and support me through every aspect of labor. I highly highly highly recommend Patti. If you want a doula who is compassionate and kind, Patti is the doula for you! 

    - Cassandra


    I wish every mommy-to-be could have Patti as their doula because of how positive she made my entire birth experience. She shared her favorite books, videos, knowledge and experience with me and prepared me emotionally throughout my pregnancy. Her guidance helped me create my ideal birth plan simplifying what can be an otherwise overwhelming amount of choices and considerations for a first-time mom. As soon as she arrived, her presence was so calming alleviating any fears and anxiety instantly. It felt like the pain melted away through her hands as she massaged gently or applied counter-pressure on my lower back. She was my focal point every minute of the way breathing with me through the contractions and coaching me to locate and relax any muscle tension I had. She also found birthing positions that worked best for me during contractions and her suggestions along the way made a world of difference. My 35-hour labor delivering a 9.5 lb. baby (who was sunny side up prior to finally rotating towards the end of the labor) could have easily turned into a C-section but her undivided attention and communication with the nurses and doctors was essential to having a successful vaginal birth. I am so amazed at the sense of ease she gave me; she truly empowered my mind and body. She was not only an invaluable support to me but also to my husband. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful birth experience and I hope I get the opportunity to have another labor and delivery with her in the future!

    - Kimbertly