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    Ginger Lea Armstrong

    I'm Ginger Lea Armstrong, a certified Birth Doula, trained through DONA International. I have been supporting families through pregnancy, labor and birth since 2016 through the Hearts and Hands Doula Program at UCSD. I am so excited to come alongside families in this exciting time in their life. ​

    My journey to becoming a doula started when I had my second child in 1988 when I had a midwife and a home birth. I was surrounded by loving and supportive women who cared for me and my baby. What a impact these women made on me throughout this journey. I was able to have the unmedicated birth. I again had a wonderful homebirth and supportive team with my third child in 1995 and my fourth in 1998. After my last was born I signed up to take a doula class and paid the fees only to have it returned to me alone with a phone call from a very wise women informing me that she didn’t believe I should be a doula at that moment. I was 29 had four kids and a husband that was in the Navy and was never home. She said, “sweetheart I am sending you your check back because your kids will all be grown up before you know it and for now they need you- all of you. You can return to this dream of being a Doula when your baby is 18”. My young moms heart was prideful and felt a little bruised by this call but I took her advice to heart. Fast forward 18 years and my last child is a senior and all the other kids have left home. I have been teaching art and drama for a private school for 16 years at that point and started to look toward my future and dreams that I wanted to achieve. I saw a former student post about the volunteer doula program at UCSD and I knew that was what I was going to do. Now three years later I have helped with over 30 births and taken classes to become a private certified doula through Dona International. I have taken hynobirthing classes, CPR classes and Breastfeeding support training. This is why I became a doula. To offer unwavering support to laboring women and their families during such an amazing yet vulnerable time. Birth can be amazing! And it is my hope that all of my clients feel at PEACE on their birth-day.

    I am passionate about helping my clients have the birth they envision. Birth is a natural process of life. I believe in your ability to give birth and I will come along side you with my education and experience to help you have the birth you desire. I consider it an honor to be on this journey with you. I will educate you on your childbirth options, help with comfort measures, guide you through laboring and birthing positions, help with relaxation, natural pain management, and facilitate a safe and comfortable birth environment.

    As to date I have logged over 355 hours at UCSD and two births at other local hospitals.
    My longest birth was 53 hours and and shortest 2 hours. No matter how much time it takes I give 100% to that birth and family in need. I give postpartum support to my moms and would like to get certified as a postpartum doula soon. I will be retiring from teaching at the end of the school year so I can give more time to my passion for helping families create their birth stories.

    When I am not at births or meeting with clients, you can find me spending time with my amazing husband, creating artwork or spending time with our grandbaby and daughters. San Diego East county has been our home for the past 20 years. I have been a high school teacher for 20 years and believe God is the great creator who knew us from the beginning. I believe birth is transformational. It is an experience families carry with them all of their lives. I love to listen to mothers as they share their hopes, fears, dreams and goals for birth. I’m an inspired witness of their journey from fear to confidence, doubt to trust, expectation to realization. I’m passionate about supporting women in childbirth, and I’m captivated by the miracle of new life. It changes all of us.

    As a birth doula, Ginger:

     Is able to take 2-3 births per month. 


     Birth Doula- DONA Trained   (2018)
     Certified (2020)

    Ginger has experience with:    

     Breastfeeding Education
     Cesarean Recovery
     VBAC Experience

    Ginger charges $500-1,000
    for birth doula services.  

    She offers a military discount.     

    Contact Information:
    (619) 203-7121

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    Ginger truly went above and beyond on our birthing journey and deserves our highest

    possible recommendation! Ginger takes a highly personalized, compassionate approach to her work, which helped us feel empowered and prepared for labor and all its contingencies. She even offered to be my partner at birthing class when my husband was away for work. When our daughter decided to make her debut 10 days early, we felt calm and ready. Supported by Ginger’s capable hands and heart, we had a very special birth experience!

    - Nicole Watson

    Thank you for your time, dedication, and complete care. My wife and I decided to acquire a doula right before Lola arrived, we figured she would come right on time, and that she did! I thought about how special of a moment birth is, what an amazing moment in our lives, and we thank God that we had Gingers expertise. My wife started laboring at home after a few hours we called Ginger she came right away, what impressed me most is her attention to my wife’s needs, hands-on exercises, and her attentiveness to our questions. We left for the hospital at

    10:45pm once we arrived my wife was in a lot of pain after we found out she was 2 centimeters dilated, they gave us options, but being first time parents I asked if I could bring in Ginger, she helped out with these questions in a time that can be very overwhelming. Ginger stayed with my wife, explained our options and discussed them with me and my wife. We were sent home and Ginger followed she stayed on our couch, which was so releveling for us. My wife woke up a little after 3am, contracting, and in a lot of pain, she went to the bathroom and when she came out, we all knew it was time to get back to the hospital. As we tried to make it down the stairs it seems Lola had other plans, it was time for her arrival. Ginger calmly told me we weren’t going to make it to the hospital, it’s time to prepare for a home birth. At that time, I knew Gods ever-loving spirt was surrounding all of us, that he would make sure Lola’s arrival was perfect. With God’s grace and the angles of heaven Lola Evelina arrived at 3:44 AM. I wish I could explain what I felt, what energy was with us, and so I will tell you with one word, divine. Ginger thank you again, thank you for taking the time to see the perfect arrival of Lola. You will be a part of our family for a long time, until the next birth, thank you.

    - Patrick, Arian, and Lola Foley



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