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    Melanie was born in San Diego and native to Southern California. She is raising her 2 children, a daughter and son with her husband. A part-time career education and counseling faculty by day at two local community colleges and is training to become a Full-Spectrum Doula/Birthworker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) by night. Her focus is on birthwork and social justice for (Black Indigenous, People of Color) BIPOC communities. As a Latina born into a single-mother home with a large extended Mexican family, she has an understanding of typical societal and cultural expectations that come with being a woman and mother. She became interested in birthwork and being a doula after her pregnancy with her oldest child. Although she is grateful for her birth experience, she saw and experienced first-hand the many barriers that can prevent women to have their rights respected. 

    Her goals as a doula are to listen to her clients' stories and support their human right to birth as they wish using evidence based resources. Melanie offers clients the space for meaningful dialogue with humility and an open mind. She can provide clients with resources and referrals with non-judgement. Melanie has personal experience with infertility, pregnancy loss, unmedicated vaginal birth, breastfeeding challenges, and being a working parent. Melanie is proficient in conversational Spanish. She has completed her DONA International Doula Workshop and breastfeeding courses in 2019. She has been a volunteer doula since Oct. 2019 and currently facilitates pregnancy and postpartum support circles in San Diego.  Investments through payment for her doula support and services vary depending on a mutual agreement between clients. Please contact for more details.


    Melanie is available:

    Trained in 2019 through DONA International

    Melanie specializes in: 
    Caesarean birth
    Non medicated birth
    Somatic training
    Anti-Racism training

    Contact Information:

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