Meet Postpartum Doulas

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    Tracy is a professionally-trained Doula with over two decades of experience. She provides support through education, modeling techniques, and nurturing the entire family. Tracy’s experience includes breastfeeding support, care of multiples and preemies, sibling care and excellent cooking. If desired, she can create and organize your baby’s routine. Her love of animals is displayed with the care and attention shown to family pets. Tracy’s background as a preschool teacher for six years has given her a wealth of knowledge to impart to mothers and their infants.

    Tracy was born and raised in New York City. She started her career as a Doula in Los Angeles and has resided in Oceanside for the past fifteen years. Her two children are grown, allowing her and her husband to spend more time with their dog Molly. Cooking and reading are some of her favorite pastimes. Tracy presents herself as non- judgmental with a calming and comforting influence.


     Works both days and nights
     Is available for travel
     Is willing to work on holidays
     Charges $30-35 per hour

    Tracy has experience with: 

     Sleep Coaching
     Breastfeeding Education
     Sibling Integration
     Cesarean Recovery
     Cooking / Meal Preparation
     Working with Surrogate Familes
     Nanny work
     Postpartum Mood Disorders
     Infant loss
     Pet Care

    Tracy also offers:

     Sleep Coaching
     Breastfeeding Education
     Bottle Feeding Education

    Contact Information:
    (619) 787-0384
    (760) 941-6411
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