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    Nova has been active in the San Diego birth community since 2004. Prior to that, Nova taught yoga for several years with a heavy emphasis on prenatal and children’s yoga. She loves helping women and watching them transition into motherhood. For over fourteen years, she has worked with new mothers and has had great and enriching experiences with many families and their different parenting methods as well as cultures.

    By nature, Nova is an intent listener and calming, meditative presence. She is a generous spirit who believes in empowering and supporting women during this special time in their lives so that mother and partner have a positive experience to remember.

    As a birth doula, Nova does not have a personal agenda for your birth. With each family, she works with mom (and partner) during pregnancy to explore what kind of a birth experience they desire. Once mom is in labor, she is there to support, guide and assist you in having the birth you want. Certainly, not all births go as planned and Nova will be there to help you adjust to unexpected situations as they arise. Nova supports all women through all birth choices. Whether mom wants to have an active labor, induction, epidural or scheduled c-section; all birth wishes are supported. In the end, it is her hope that you have a positive birth experience and enter motherhood feeling validated and supported.

    As a postpartum doula, Nova works to nurture the new mother by offering her emotional support, aid in faster recovery and help find the confidence she and her partner need to meet the challenges of newborn(s). Nova is trained as a newborn specialist to assist and answer questions in a non-judgmental way.

    Nova is constantly updating her education and skills by monitoring the latest progresisons in nutrition, newborn development, breastfeeding/lactation, baby sleep strategies, reflux, SIDS and many other issues.

    Nova’s work is her passion! She loves helping new mothers find their way.  She feels honored to work in this field that is so full of life and love. Helping moms, partners and families through the postpartum period is very rewarding for her and she feels fortunate to be part of their lives. Nova prides herself on nurturing moms, newborns and families with endless support and assistance, as families adjust to having a new baby in the house, and all new endeavors and challenges this involves.

    Nova's testimonials here.

    As a birth doula, Nova:

     Is able to take 0-1 birth per month

    As a postpartum doula, Nova:

     Prefers to work nights
     Is able to take 0-3 nights per week

    Nova has experience with: 

     Breastfeeding Education
     Sibling Integration
     Cesarean Recovery
     VBAC Experience
     Cooking / Meal Preparation
     Working with Surrogate Familes
     Postpartum Mood Disorders
     Home birth

    Nova also offers:

     Placenta Encapsulation
     Breastfeeding/ Bottlefeeding Education
     Birth Photography / Fresh 48 Sessions
     Postpartum Planning
     Childbirth Education
     Genealogy consultations

    Please inquire directly with Nova for her rates.

    Contact Information:
    (619) 398-5683
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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