Interested in joining an organized doula group?

    We hope you will consider Beautiful Beginnings. Our group is open to all doulas that are trained as either Birth or Postpartum doulas. We also provide education, referrals and resources to community services. Together, we can provide support and care to all families during their childbearing years. 

    All doulas must be trained under an approved certifying organization to be a member. If you are a certified doula, you must work within the scope of practice and code of ethics as set by that organization.




    Benefits of Joining:

    • Become a member of San Diego’s first organized doula group.
    • Referrals within Beautiful Beginnings.
    • Back-up and “co-doula-ing”
    • Meetings organized through Beautiful Beginnings and other community organizations
    • Professional speakers at quarterly meetings.
    • Your name and information listed on our web page at
    • Apprenticeship and mentoring information and services.
    • Birth & Postpartum training and certification information & support.

    Criteria for Membership as a Birth Doula:

    • Copy of your certificate from your approved birth doula workshop
    • Membership application

    Criteria for Membership as a Postpartum Doula:

    • Copy of your certificate from your approved postpartum doula workshop
    • Copy of Breastfeeding course requirements
    • Membership application

    Membership Fees:

    • All Doulas: $200 per year
    • Two evaluations per year from clients are required

    We'd love to have you as a part of our amazing family at Beautiful Beginnings.

    Please see the Member Application Form for details.