Our Founders

    foundersBeautiful Beginnings was founded in 1994 by Rosemary Mason, Cathie Aymar, Stacey Scarborough, Stacie Hoffman and Viki Bettis.

    Rosemary, Cathie, Stacey, Stacie all met during an extensive training as childbirth educators  in 1993 through the Childbirth Education Association of San Diego, and they were among the first women to be trained as doulas through DONA, International, in 1994 in Glendora, CA.  
    Their enthusiasm and passion for education and all things birth, is what lead them to form Beautiful Beginnings Birth and Postpartum Doula Referrals. They used their creative energies to come up with the name, logo, and mantra of their group: “Guidance and Support From Conception through the First Year.  Specializing in childbirth preparation and labor support.”

    What started as just 4 educators and doulas, started to grow with the addition of Viki Bettis, and they began their journey of educating and supporting families throughout San Diego.

    Knowing that there was a supportive, active doula group available to new doulas, many of our trained doulas joined us in our journey to support new families and we grew from 5 women up to 28 members at one time.  Currently the group continues to grow, support and educate all new parents in this amazing life change known as parenthood.
    The doulas are all professionally trained and are held in high esteem in the community with relationships with all the hospitals in San Diego County, midwives, and specialists in the community.  
    Stacey Scarborough became a DONA,International Approved Birth Trainer in 1998 and has been training doulas through out California and the southwest and northwest and is still training to this day, and continues to be the managing owner of the organization.  She embraces the doula spirit of ‘every doula that wants one' and has incredible pride in the doulas in the organization.

    Rosemary Mason and Viki Bettis  became DONA, International Approved Postpartum Doula Trainers, and trained in San Diego and all over the US, as Rosemary was one of the first DONA postpartum trainers.  They are both happily retired in wonderful new surroundings with their grandchildren. Stacie Hoffman is retired and Cathie Aymar still lives in San Diego and has always supported our organization. She too is a retired doula.

    Stacey Scarborough

    Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator, Fitness Instructor, DONA approved Labor Doula Trainer and Certified
    Labor Doula (DONA, Int.)

    Viki Bettis
    Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator, Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA, Int.) DONA approved Postpartum Doula Trainer

    Rosemary Mason
    Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Postpartum Doula, (DONA, Int.) DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Trainer

    Cathie AymarCertified Childbirth Educator, Doula
    San Diego, CA

    Stacie HoffmanCertified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator, Certified Labor Doula